Documentary Photography


Back in London. Four months has gone by since I last made my way through the morning Tube rush. Back then we where going on a journey, this time as well.

This next year I’ll be studying a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication. I hope this Masters can help me to find my focus through my photography.

In the daily news rush there’s not much time for absorption. I think it’s crucial for our profession as
photojournalists and documentary photographers, that we take the time to understand the background for the stories we are reporting as well as taking the time to get the pictures needed to tell the story properly. If we don’t do this, we can’t demand that our audience should show any interest and appreciation.

I see my camera as a tool to reach out and touch people. Show them what other people are like and what kind of life they wake up to in the morning. I also see my camera as a tool to show people who I am.

I think it’s hard to find the balance between my professional and my personal photography. Luckily it seems that these two are slowly becoming one.

It seems to me that I’m moving away from the classic photojournalistic news picture and into a world of feelings more than explanations. This to me is very interesting.

I will use this forum as a plaza of experiments.

Looking forward to see where it goes.


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