Documentary Photography

The Dog Gulag

So the first month, first week and first assignment.

We where told to go find a “Person at work” and find their inner passion or lack of same. I think I found something altogether different.

Bearing in mind that I did two professions, about 4-500 shots of each, edited 80, liked 20 and ended up with four (!) pictures for the blog, you can say that I went through a process.

After showing the 80 edited pictures to my group it was clear that the classic shots didn’t really tickle me pink. It came down to the dark and spooky, underexposed, unsharp pictures…. As usual.

Even though Ruth from “Taking the Leash” was the nicest person and had an amazing contact with the dogs and their owners, I must share these pictures with the world.

Here we go, The Dog Gulag…


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