Documentary Photography


First of May, also known as May Day, was founded in 1889 at the first congress of the second Internationale meeting in Paris for the centennial of the French revolution.

Over the past 122 years May Day has been the center of rebellion against the ruling parties for workers across the world. People have fought and people have died for workers rights and equality.

After an economic meltdown all over the western world we are now starting to feel the consequences. Living in this new economic landscape means that mass layoffs and rising poverty again is an issue for the working class.

So where is the modern day Proletariat?

“Arise, ye workers from your slumber,

Arise, ye prisoners of want.

For reasons in revolt now thunders,

And at last ends the age of cant!”

“Away with all your superstitions,

Servile masses, arise, arise!

We´ll change henceforth the old tradition,

And spurn the dust to win the prize!”

“No more deluded by reaction,

On tyrants only we’ll make war!

The soldiers too will take strike action,

They’ll break ranks and fight no more!”

“And if those cannibals keep trying,

To sacrifice us to their pride,

They soon shall hear the bullets flying,

We’ll shoot the generals on our own side.”

“So comrades, come rally,

And the last fight let us face.

The Internationale,

Unites the human race.”

Lyrics: Internationale, Eugéne Pottier.


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