Documentary Photography

Portrait Session in Westminster

Danish Daily Information commissioned me to shoot a portrait of Tory MP William (Bill) Cash. It was one of those jobs that started out with an interview and normally I welcome that as I find it interesting as well as a good way of warming the subject as well as my self up for the shoot itself.

This time it didn’t go quite that way.

Westminster where the interview took place have very strict rules on photography so I were only allowed to shoot in Westminster Hall after the interview. I’ve looked through the EXIF data and I had less than two minutes for this shoot before Cash decided that time was up. Luckily I’ve been in this situation quite a few times by now and as so often before, preparation is the key.

I knew what image I wanted walking into the hall (the first one) and the two others are simple backup shots. I found myself lucky when shooting the horizontal portrait as a flash from a tourists camera bounced off my subject as I hit the shutter, giving the image that little extra edge that I like.

Sometimes you use three hours on getting that one good shot, sometimes you get it in two minutes.


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