Documentary Photography

Seeing The World

I’ve recently begun teaching a short course at London College of Communication.

I’ve always loved to teach but this is the first time where I’m leading the students through from the beginning to the end and it amazes me how much I learn from them and their progress each time. I love the connection that you get with the students as you share the world of photography through their work as well as through the historical representation of imagery.

It’s great to see students who come from a non-photographic background suddenly finding a voice of their own and create beautifully photographed stories with amazing storytelling as well.

Up until now they’ve covered subjects through their work ranging between everything from Jewish minorities, mans impact on nature, the notion of Home and the pugs role in British culture. Wow…

Here’s a selection of images from the course.

One of the main things we work with on the course is the development and execution of a personal story chosen by each student. We try to help each other develop this story and to find new approaches to the storytelling, locating right formula for each documentary project. The number one thing I try to teach is that it’s all about the storytelling!

Matthias Brücke’s story of Roehampton is a good example of this. A housing project there once build as a futuristic dream of togetherness now stands as a symbol of a time there once was…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next course starts the 2nd of September at LCC and you can find the course description here.


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