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Red Shirt Rising

I travelled to Thailand’s capital Bangkok back in 2010 to document the first ‘red-shirt’ protests against the Thai government. Today the tables have turned and the ‘red-shirts’ are now in power with former Prime Minister and multi billionaire (now exiled due to corruption charges) Thaksin Shinawatra’s sister Yingluck as their leader.

There’s a good article over at PolicyMic explaining the situation.

I travelled to the North of Thailand to meet the protestors and document their journey to the heart of Bangkok and their failed attempt to overthrow the government.

Film Director Kristian Levring

I’ve been photographing film director and co- Dogme founder Kristian Levring for Børsen Weekend.

Kristian’s newest film, the Western ‘The Salvation’ premiered at Cannes this week, and he’s definitely the coolest guy in the West (Hampstead that is…)

The EU

Monday the 14th of April, only a month and a bit before the European elections, every parliamentarian, civil servant, political advisor and journalist yet again travelled from Brussels to Strasbourg to vote on the final issues before the Parliament goes into political hibernation before the May election.

This is for many MEPs the last chance to get their political causes voted through and to put their fingerprints on EU policy, both locally and internationally. With a public that often have difficulty recognising their MEPs, this is also a good opportunity to make their mark in the domestic debate and get voters engaged in some of the most important European issues right now.

I travelled on the heels of the EU elite to try to catch a glimpse of life in Europe’s political navel.



I am working on a new project documenting the small island Refshaleøen in Copenhagen leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 that will take place there.

Here’s a taster…

Lewis Bush, Photographer & Writer

I had the pleasure of photographing writer and fellow photographer Lewis Bush at his home in Peckham.

Lewis runs the blog Disphotic. In Lewis’s own words “Disphotic is a blog on photography, and it’s intersections with art, history and journalism” and it is definitely one of my favourite online photographic haunts. Check it out!

Places of Conflict

All pictures shot in Syria’s Idlib Province.

Arab Felix p.2


Her Grace

As you might be aware, last December the Church of Ireland ordained its first female Bishop, Pat Storey. Pat is the first female Bishop in Britain and Ireland.

I’ve followed Pat for the last few weeks in her preparation for this historic role, culminating with her consecration at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.

Her nomination comes only weeks after The Church of England’s ruling body has voted in favour of proposals which could allow the ordination of women Bishops in England this year.

This is not a story about a religious ceremony. It is a story about a strong and much loved woman taking on a unique challenge in one of the world’s last male bastions.

Please feel free to comment below.


Cathy Lucas

I’ve been shooting a series of portraits of one of my coolest friends, Cathy Lucas, for her new solo project Orlando.

Cathy asked me if I would be up for photographing her in Artist David Blandy’s installation “Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark”, as it works with a similar narrative as Cathy’s upcoming album.

Have a listen to the first release ‘Earth Moon Earth’ here. It’s good…


I loved doing this work with Cathy and it make me realise how much I appreciate working with other creatives.

Because of this, I’ve decided to do a free portrait shoot for an up-and-coming artist in any genre. If you need this for your project or if you know anyone who does, share this post and get in touch!

Looking forward to working with you…

House Of Cards author Michael Dobbs

I’ve been photographing “House Of Cards” author Michael Dobbs, who is also Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Dobbs of Wylye. All-round nice chap and a very interesting day.

Summer Jobbing

I’ve been shooting a few newspaper assignments over the summer. Mostly it’s been portraits as it often is working for the dailies (around 90% of all assignments are portrait related when working in the newspaper industry). It’s always interesting meeting new people and trying to create something in a limited space as well as time with a few, simple remedies. Often the only thing you have available to create something special is light, and in that way it’s one of the purest forms of photography. Not that I’m particularly good at shooting portraits, but I do enjoy it!

Firstly I shot a series at the British Library of a Polish artist couple, Malgosia and Jakub. They showed me a secret garden at the top of the library which was amazing but I promised Malgosia not to tell anyone about it, so can’t say any more I’m afraid.

A week later I went to West London and met with Kasia and her daughter and did a series of them for an article about why immigrants (me included) chose to stay in London instead of going back home.

Finally I went on the hardest assignment so far this year. It was for a story about one of the so-called “transition towns” that are shooting up all over Britain. Smaller towns trying to prepare themselves for another recession by becoming economically self-proficient so they won’t be depending on outside resources for survival (no, we’re not talking doomsday preppers here, simply straight thinking ordinary folks trying to create a bit of balance in the system). This sounded like a dream assignment as there ought to be plenty to shoot, but unfortunately it was also one of those assignments that just didn’t work out because of timing. None of the projects were up and running when I arrived and many wouldn’t be for the next couple of years as it’s all about long-term investments. No matter, I’ll be back to shoot this again. This is what I got (and yeah, I am very pleased with the dog)…


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