Documentary Photography

The streets of London

This week is all about street photography.

After collecting inspiration from masters as Bruce Gilden and Henri Cartier-Bresson and especially their extremely different approaches to the subject, there was not much else to do than to go out guns blazing!

I always hate the first hour out shooting. I’m tense and often too worked up to see what is going on around me. After that hour (and a lot of failed shots) I start to relax, steady my pace and finally open up my eyes. I stop feeling as afraid of people and their reaction to me photographing.

At the best of times I can almost see myself being detached from the street and watch it from the outside, as a scene in a play.

Well, this time I did two shoots each one an hour long, so not much theatre here. The first one was a night shoot in the midst of the chaos on Oxford Street. Second one (the last two pictures in the set) was a day shot around Borough Market.



One response

  1. Emilie

    Super godt Anders! Billederne er vildt stemningsfyldte.. Glæder mig til at se dig og Jasmine igen! Hils

    Kram Emilie

    Ps. skal hilse fra Asta og Micha

    27/01/2011 at 18:59

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